Circular dated July 14, 2016

Dear Member,

Moving forward with the decisions taken in the GBM

You are aware that during the GBM held on December 06, 2015 non- adherence of General Body’s decisions by few members was discussed and the General Body was apprised of the impact of that on the functioning of the society and interest of the members in general. It may be reminded that decisions are taken to safeguard and further the wellbeing of members and we do not think anything more than ‘what had been delivered by the society’ has to be the evidence for that. Our members have vouched for that all these years. The prelude is necessitated because of very disturbing response by few members with regard to collection of e-khathas by them. Around 30 khathas have been lying with us for the last four months despite the fact that respective members have been sent the information to the last addresses available with us. Lately, we are not able to communicate to some members as they have not updated their addresses / emails / contact nos. for communication. We have been receiving plenty of enquiries from members about khathas and those who have been asked to take away their khathas are not responding to our requests. As this is adversely affecting the prospects of others and the society on the whole we are publishing the list of them with a caution that if the listed e-khathas are not collected within 15 days they will be returned to the developer/facilitator.
The dispensation for fulfilling the aspirations of members has to be encouraged to function efficiently. We seek your support in our endeavor to spearhead the completion of the project and deliver completely what was promised to you.
Maintenance charges @ Rs.5/sq. ft. for the financial year 2015-16 in respect of sites on three completed plans {MPA/LAO/3/12-13 dated 16/8/2012, MPA/LAO/5/12-13 dated 16/8/2012 and MPA/LAO/2/13-14 dated 7/11/2013(Devamachohalli plan) } have to be paid by March 31, 2016.
It may please noted that reasons for maintenance and charges were explained in the GBM and during umpteen interactions with the members thereafter. Members may please seek copies of minutes of GBM from society’s office to update themselves. Painting and numbering work is underway in Devamachohalli and Tavarekere areas. We have uploaded few photographs to our on developmental activities carried out. Secretary’s report for the period 2014-15 and minutes of the meeting held on December 06, 2015 can also be accessed from our site.
As discussed in the GBM quotes for all-round compound and multi-utility infrastructure have been received and the cost indicated is approximately Rs.90/Sq.ft. We are requesting the members to express their unequivocal interest and commitment in writing for the proposal by March 31, 2016.
It is reiterated that anything provided as above is for extra cost and if proper commitment is not received from members the exercise/process will be suspended/will not be taken up.
We also request members to desist from selling their sites unless they receive an explicit acknowledgement from the society that the project is complete in all respects. The society keeps the right to treat any transaction null and void if prescribed procedure is not followed and instructions contained in the bylaw are not adhered to.
For us, at RBEHWS the nucleus of any exercise is the salutary objective of serving members’ interest, which is very clear, passionate and reassuring. We are entitled to protect the trust and faith of members if they are in peril and if there is any attempt to dilute them. We request the members to add value to their wise investment and help us to make Society’s project a remarkable one.

For and on behalf of the managing committee

Gururaj R Acharya

Joint Secretary


Sl.No Site No. Sy. No. Sl.No Site No. Sy. No.
1 3 141/10 14 50 150/1
2 166 150/1 15 89© 150/3
3 165 150/1 16 26 141/9
4 10 141/12 17 19© 150/3
5 125 150/1 18 81© 150/3
6 17 150/1 19 107 150/3
7 137 150/1 20 38 141/10
8 152© 150/1 21 5 141/11
9 126 150/1 22 12 141/12
10 123 150/1 23 9 141/12
11 138 150/1 24 108 150/3
12 124 150/1 25 1 141/11
13 25 141/9 26 18 150/3

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