Circular dated July 14, 2016

Dear Member,

Moving forward with our intents

You will recall the contents of Society’s circular dated March 12, 2016, wherein, issues concerning maintenance of sites among others were dealt in detail. Request for payment of maintenance charges in respect of completed plans was placed before the membership and we believe you took serious note of all the issues taken up in the said circular.
We are receiving khathas at regular intervals and concerned members are promptly communicated. However, the response has been very discouraging and as stated earlier, khathas lying with us for more than six months have since been returned to the developer.
It was a clarion call by us to pay up maintenance charges without linking that to obtainment of khathas. Clogging in drains, growth of weeds, and unauthorized entry and dumping of waste in the layout area are immediate concerns for us.
Civil work is underway as informed earlier and a 500 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant has been commissioned recently. Civil development work is being carried out and likely to be completed in few months’ time. Issuance of khathas for sites which have already been registered has been accelerated and hopefully the exercise would conclude before the completion of the project. Registration of remaining few sites for which e-khathas are being awaited will be taken up as soon as relevant e-khathas are obtained.
With these, project I and II would complete to vouch for the efficacy of execution of work by the institution.
Maintenance charges@ Rs.5/sg. ft. for the financial year 2015-16 in respect of sites on three completed plans {MPA/LA0/3/12-13 dated 16/8/2012. MPA/LA0/5/12-13 dated 16/8/2012 and MPA/LA0/2/13-14 dated 7/11/2013 (Devamachohalli plan) l have to be paid by July 31. 2016.
We repeat that maintenance will be suspended if proper payment is not received from members and managing committee will not be responsible for any ramifications in that regard.
Please access our for relevant updates.
For us, at RBEHWS the nucleus of any exercise is the salutary objective of serving members’ interest, which is very clear, passionate and reassuring. We request the members to add value to their wise investment and help us to make Society’s project a remarkable one.

For and on behalf of the managing committee

K M Sateesh

Joint Secretary

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